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When you step into a Sunlighten Smart Sauna, you’re getting an exclusive experience with the world’s only customizable infrared sauna, made right here at home by the global leader in infrared light technology.

Sunlighten infrared sauna uses the same healing light found in nature to nurture plant growth and gently warm the earth. Enveloped in enjoyable therapeutic warmth, your body will absorb infrared wavelengths as they reach into your skin and tissue to stimulate cell activity. The result helps your entire being feel even more amazing after a massage or facial, or even as a stand-alone treatment. The health benefits increase with regular use over time, which is why we offer Memberships for you to come as often as you like.

Know the warmth you feel is delivering what you need because Sunlighten saunas deliver precise combinations of red light/near, mid, and far wavelengths at the optimal dosage for great results to leave you healthier, based on clinical studies

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