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Facial FAQ


Why Should I Get A Facial?

Whether you already have an established skincare routine or are just starting out in your journey, facials are an essential part of wellness that work from the outside-in to provide a deep cleanse and help promote healthy skin turnover. While facials alone are supremely relaxing, when coupled with our Nirvana Facial our process seeks to provide a deeply immersive escape from every day life. Our goal is to ensure you and your skin feel balanced, refreshed and revitalized.


Should I Prepare For My Facial?

Before your facial, we recommend creating a list of products you’re using in your skincare routine, any skincare concerns you have, any allergies you have and medications you’re currently taking. You should plan to go over this list with your esthetician before your facial. 


How Often Should I Get A Facial

Nirvana Day Spa is always available to you! And to look and feel the very best you can, our estheticians recommend a facial every 4-6 weeks to deeply cleanse and maintain a healthy skincare ritual.


Can I Get A Facial If I Have A Cold Sore?

No. If you're experiencing a cold sore outbreak, it must be completely healed before receiving a facial service. Cold sores are viral and can spread to other areas of the body, such as the nose and eyes.


Men: Should I Shave Before My Treatment?

No need to shave your beard before a facial!

If you do plan on shaving before your treatment, we recommend doing so at least 24 hours before the start of your service to avoid irritation. 


Which Facial Would You Recommend Prior To A Wedding Or Other Major Event?

Our HydraFacial is the gold standard for pre-event treatment! However, all of our facials are designed to transform you and give you a vibrant glow. We will work with you to customize the right facial for your needs, schedule and budget.

While minimal and gentle, minor redness can occur following extractions, facials that include them should be booked at least one week prior to an event or wedding.  

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