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It can be difficult to find time for yourself and we understand that. Not only is Mobile Massage convenient and blissful, but it is also very beneficial to your total body health.

Whether your focus is relaxation or pain relief, full body or targeted areas; your Massage Therapist will customize your session to address your needs. We will use a variety of techniques such as swedish, deep tissue, acupressure, trigger point, etc. to get all the amazing benefits of massage therapy wrapped into your ideal experience.


Service areas include a 30 mile radius of Gainesville, Florida.


After 10 minutes to set up and a quick consultation, during which we plan your massage therapy experience, the Massage Therapist will step into a restroom while you make yourself comfortable under clean, silky sheets and a fluffy velour blanket.

When your treatment is concluded, the Massage Therapist will pack everything and clean up the space and be on their way.

All you need to provide is a space big enough for a full size bed, ( an approximately 8-foot wide by 9-foot long open space where your massage will take place.)

It’s that easy!

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