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At Nirvana Day Spa, our general therapeutic massage and specialty sessions include complimentary hot towel, aromatherapy and jade eye masks to promote relaxation.  Each session also receives an additional 15 min of buffer time in order to speak with your massage therapist and transition into and out of the room so you are never rushed and always receive your full massage time. Service times are 60 and 90 minutes of hands-on massage. We never charge for different modalities such as deep tissue, swedish or sports. It's all one price! 

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"10/10 Justin is an exceptional massage therapist whose technique is truly amazing. His skillful hands seem to have an innate understanding of the body's needs, effortlessly working through knots and tension. From the moment the session begins, his soothing presence creates an environment of relaxation and comfort. Justin's ability to tailor his approach to each individual's unique requirements showcases his dedication to providing a personalized experience. The way he seamlessly blends various massage techniques not only promotes physical relief but also induces a deep sense of tranquility. Without a doubt, Justin's expertise as a massage therapist is unparalleled, and his remarkable technique leaves clients feeling rejuvenated and utterly satisfied. 
- Becca M, FL

Alexa Young, CA

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