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Nirvana Day Spa offers Gainesville the Best Therapeutic Massage, Pain Relief and Relaxation. Our highly skilled Massage Therapists have been licensed and practicing for over 10 years and believe that massage unlocks the body’s wisdom, restoring balance and harmony, and initiating whole-system healing. Each session is unique and adapted to meet your specific symptoms and healing intentions and may involve relaxation massage blended intuitively deep tissue, sports, trigger point and myofascial release techniques.  Our  peaceful and inviting space is a great place to receive a transformative treatment, ranging from relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, CBD Massage, cupping , body treatments and more. 

We also offer Mobile Massage in the Alachua County area!




Body Treatments


Mobile Massage

Nirvana Day Spa


4509 NW 23rd Avenue, Suite 8, Gainesville, Florida 32605

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